Magnet / Mind

by Balto



Dawn, silhouette the palms
Hollywood, your faded charms
Linger in my lover’s eyes
diner coffee, up all night

It’s a crowded place
Castaways from outer space
The waitress singing
Unknown legend

We all sing along
Forever young, always in love
Oh the feeling, I know it’s fleeting
But it’s all I ever wanted to believe in


Thinking that the magnet is stronger than the mind
She makes me want to try

Aint no stranger to the madness tearing up my life
Well, she makes me want to try


Time, you evil eye
Leering from the ceiling
I am paranoid and powerless
My love, she pulls me close, she says:

“Breathe, Breathe -
What you got is all you need,
And all these people
Singing with us”

And I know she’s right
I hear their voices I see the early light
Clear as laughter, real as touch
How many years did I believe it aint enough?


released March 17, 2020
Produced by Balto
Engineered by Riley Geare
Mixed by Sean O'Brien
Mastered by Howie Weinberg


all rights reserved


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